Published Writing

Aaron’s Afterlife PandoDaily, July 2014

The Unseen Hand and the Prices of Things The New Yorker, June 2014

The Sixth Extinction Esquire, March 2014

What Has Become Of Business Journalism? The New Yorker, February 2014

Movie Review of The Square Medium, November 2013

LinkedIn’s New Network for Teens Is a Wasted Opportunity The New Republic, October 2013

Book Review of War Play by Corey Mead, The Atlantic, October 2013

Book Review of Cybersexism: Sex, Power and Gender on the Internet by Laurie Penny, GigaOm, September 2013

LinkedOut, The New Inquiry, July 2013

Live In Infamy, The New Inquiry, May 2013

A Year Without Internet, The Awl, May 2013

Hashtag Sympathy, Cyborgology, April 2013

From Gadget Reviews To Philosophical Critique: The State Of Tech Criticism, BuzzFeed, April 2013

The False Distinction Between “Online” And “The Real”, BuzzFeed, March 2013

Crowdsourcing Sexual Assault PreventionThe American Prospect, February 2013

The 10 Outstanding Essays Of 2012, BuzzFeed , December 2012

Bringing Black Talent To Silicon Valley, The Root, September 2012

Considering “The Truman Show” In The Age Of The Kardashians, Thought Catalog, July 2012

Harnessing Web Fury: #SOPA, #KONY2012 and #StephenColbert, ReadWriteWeb, April 2012

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