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Journalism Worthy Of Web Culture: Syria Deeply And The Single Story Website

Nieman Journalism Lab

Nieman Journalism Lab

In reporting war and conflict, the traditional news article can often be a detriment to understanding. By sketching narratives that any reader can understand, journalists often state and restate basic facts and storylines, leaving layered back-story or relevant tangents unwritten. New names, battlefields and rising death tolls are reported, but these are mere additions, extra sentences slapped on at the end.

What if instead, complex subjects were reported in an innovative way, using interactive timelines and maps where readers decide how “deep” they want to dive into a subject?

Lara Setrakian, founder of the website Syria Deeply, writes on the success of such a journalistic endeavor:

It is part news aggregator, part interactive backgrounder, part original reporting space. Most importantly, it aims to fuse all of the kinds of content that have become critical to this crisis: professional reporting, citizen journalism, and social media. We wanted to visualize more, convey greater nuance, and focus on civilian stories, rather than just emphasize the big shots and the battle action that normally lead our headlines.

And here is the actual site: Syria Deeply

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It sounds like many of these new Craig’s List applications implement a more intuitive interface and display their information in a prettier way. However, Big Bad Craig can prevent these companies from “scraping their data” which I take to be ripping Craig’s apartment information and repackaging it on another site. The solution for apartment start-ups then is to not only present data in an engaging and easy to use way, but also to cultivate their own buyer/seller market by creating a new, non-Craig Craig’s List.

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