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Elysium Trailer – Matt Damon Is A Cyborg In District 9 Director’s New Movie

Now I know I say this about every new sci-fi trailer…that it looks like Halo. But this one really does! As a matter of fact, the director of Elysium and District 9, Neill Blomkamp, was associated with the ill-fated Halo movie several years ago and even directed a live-action short film to demonstrate what his Halo universe would look like.

Having to settle for Elysium doesn’t look so bad, though,

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New Dark Knight Rises Trailer #4

When Bain catches Batman’s punch, you know things will end poorly.

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New Dark Knight Rises Trailer TV Spots

The studio gods at Warner Brothers have thrown us a few more scraps before the July 20th release.  New footage shows us Bruce ripping off some P90X, Catwoman shenanigans, as well as Lucius and Alfred getting fresh.

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