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An Appetite for Weight Management Tools

Trustworthy and conversational, Farhad Manjoo reviews popular fitness apps and food/exercise trackers.  His top recommendations are the small and un-cumbersome Fitbit.  And for monitoring your diet Manjoo recommends My Fitness Pal.

But My Fitness Pal’s killer feature is its enormous database. The app claims to have knowledge of more than a million food items, from apple strudel to zucchini walnut bread. In my tests, I found it almost creepily comprehensive. It had caloric info on that Cook’s Illustrated meatloaf, as well as a flounder recipe I made from Bon Appétit, and pretty much anything you could ever buy in a grocery and even many restaurants. If it does not have an item, My Fitness Pal allows you to enter your own recipe; for example, you can type in the ingredients of your mom’s apple pie, and it will figure out how many inches a slice will add to your waist.


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