Prometheus: Next Level Marketing

A commercial within a commercial for a sick movie.  Watch a robot cry.

The more traditional movie trailer for Prometheus is frighteningly wild.  Horror as a movie genre is completely underdeveloped.  But this film looks spooky and intense.  A chance to see Charlize Theron naked, Idris Elba with a hilariously unnecessary accent, and a set design that strikingly resembles HALO =  interest piqued.

Also, props to Michael Fassbender and Ms. Theron for being in basically every movie in the past year without reaching horrible Seth Rogan levels of market saturation.  (THIS FALL watch Seth Rogan AS Seth Rogan IN: I’m a fat-stoner-loser who was pretty funny in “40 Year Old Virgin” but then took on every role he was offered and squandered any potential for a decent acting career). 

(Fellow HALO nerds: watch the Prometheus trailer and pretend its a trailer for a new Halo movie.  It works surprisingly well.  One of these days it will be made and the world will share our joy).

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