Tablet Readers pay for music and books, news…not so much.

According to a new study by Nielson, 62% of tablet owners have paid for music, 58% of owners have paid for books, and a little over half have paid for movies. However, when you consider the tablet owners who have paid for news, the percentage plummets to 19.

With so many free news outlets, consumers are reluctant to hand over their cash. Sure, music, books and movies exist online if you click through enough links, but real, legitimate versions of those media are accessible and cheap. News articles are also disposable in a way that songs and films aren’t. Read a New York Times column and never see it again, but that new GaGa track? … You’ll want to keep that. And it stays in your iTunes.

It’s also stunningly easy to bypass news pay walls. Tinker with the URL, or change browsers. And when blogs or social media link to news articles, there usually aren’t limits or barriers to content. The graph also has things to say about consumer behavior abroad.


Your Thoughts?

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