How Dick’s Sporting Goods Can become less limp: Great Commercial, Lackluster Brand

It’s hard not to get amped up to rapid fire athletic feats set to the theme of Rudy.

This new commercial stirs up our inner beast, but once we realize the ad is for Dick’s Sporting Goods…the climax becomes a harsh letdown.

I’m glad Dick’s spent money on a polished and compelling ad.  It’s one of the better commercials I have seen in a while.

But why does the brand not inspire the way the commercial does?

A problem facing big-box stores is an utter lack of loyalty. Perhaps you swear by a certain pair of Reeboks or can’t live without your Under Armour longsleeve. Dick’s only happens to sell those things, it doesn’t make them. The store’s prices are rarely as low as what you can find online. Is their customer service so outstanding that you would forgo cheaper options?

According to Forbes, the company is looking to focus more on sport equipment and to increase its online sales, which currently amounts to only 6% of total revenue.

For student athletes on a budget, or adult consumers trying to pick up some sneaks or a racket, Dicks could become the go-to online source. If the company tweaks its image a bit, it could harness the allure of physical prowess — the way Nike and Under Armour do.

1) Change that hideous Logo. It looks like it belongs to a 4th grader’s “sports” themed bunk
bed. Give us something primal, something harsh, something that resembles human exertion.
2) Sign a baller athlete to rep the brand. Make me want to go to to your store, check out
your site, and buy your things. We look up to athletes and will spend money to be like
3) Change your name, or stop going by your full name. DSG is less vulnerable to puns.

Right now Dick’s is just a giant box. It sells sports goods, among other things, and resonates about as well as Rooms To Go or CompUSA (= barf). With some work, though Dick’s can avoid being just another store, like The Sports Authority, and instead become something closer to that Untouchable commercial.

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